Why Copper Chef Pans for your kitchen?

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Copper chef pan buying guide – Why copper pans for the kitchen?

Copper cookware and copper chef pan is just loved by serious home cooks and professional chefs. Copper is known to have a unique ability. It can conduct heat much faster when compared to other metals used in the kitchen. Since it heats up fast, there is found even heating throughout the pan, thus eliminating the hot spots which may cause sticking and scorching.

There are many cooks who are of the belief that the right copper pans when used can help to improve the overall performance in the kitchen. Hence, it will be a wise decision to buy brand new range of kitchenware. Copper pans and pots can respond quickly to the temperature changes that take place in the burner, when compared to pans created from cast iron or stainless steel. It does offer the cook with much more control with regards to the cooking process.

Types of copper chef pan available

Several types of copper pans are readily available in the market. Copper cannot in itself come in contact with food. Hence, there needs to be present another metal within the pan.

  • Solid copper pans: Many manufacturers are known to make use of solid copper cookware that is lined along with stainless steel. Such type of cookware is stated to be much expensive when compared to clad or plated cookware. However, pans and pots made from solid copper tend to respond quickly to the changes noticed in heat when compared to the other plans. Solid copper is preferred by professional chefs, while a medium sized saucepan or sauté pan is favored by the serious home cook.
  • Copper plated pans: Few cookware are constructed by using stainless steel or aluminum. The exterior of such cookware has think copper plated in it. Usually, the bottom will have thick copper layer, while the inner surface has stainless steel.

Care for copper cookware

It is important to hand wash the copper pans and pots used in the kitchen. They are never to be washed using the dishwasher. Copper is likely to change color or oxidize, unlike that of aluminum or stainless steel. For ensuring that the copper shines as good as new always, there is recommended usage of copper cleaning paste. There are copper cleaners readily available to be used. They do work fabulously, but can be a bit expensive. They are indeed worth the money, since they can help the copper cookware to retain its freshness, new look and shiny appearance. Also are available easily affordable choices. But, you should use only good quality cleaning materials to clean copperware.

You need to polish copper every now and then. This is not just for aesthetic purpose. Tarnish creates dark spots in the cookware may mean the pans are likely to develop hot spots. The manufacturers recommend strongly that the pan interiors are to be cleaned using fine powder cleanser. Once the power is used, the pan is to be washed using warm soapy water. Then, the pan is to be dried using clean, soft cloth. Oven cleaners, scouring powders and other bleach containing cleaners are not to be used. Steel wool is better avoided. Nylon scrubbing pads and soft cloths are wonderful cleaners and safe. Salt can damage stainless steel interior and cause small white pits or dots. To avoid this damage, you need the liquids to be brought to boiling point before salt is added to it. Overheating can cause discoloration, so you need to be careful when using it.

You need to select the best quality copper pans for your kitchen and the right place to shop is Amazon.

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