Cleaning of Copper Chef Pans

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Tricks to clean copper pots and pans the correct way

It could be that you are having wrong iron made hanging pot rack in your kitchen. The rack could probably be filled with those shining copper pans and pots and copper bottom stainless steel pots. Just see how the light bounces and sparkles from the beautiful copper. The guests are sure to be impressed as they check out the beautiful sight in the kitchen. You also can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes and delight the entire family using the copper cookware. The copper chef reviews put up by the others do state that this product is indeed priceless and worth the purchase.

Maintaining the copper cookware items

If the same kitchen is imagined with the copper pans and pots being tarnished, while the bottoms are found to be grimy and black. This is something that no one would like to view or even come across. The fact is that copper can get into this particular undesirable condition quite easily. Fortunately, you can come across different types of commercial products readily available in the market. Also does exist few inexpensive home remedies which can be tried out.

With frequent usage along with poor cleaning habits, grease and food could be cooked as well as burned on the surface of the copper cookware. You may perhaps be of the opinion that to save your copper cookware stain free and spotless, is just to avoid using it. This is something possible as you have purchased the cookware for being used in the kitchen to prepare variety of mouth watering dishes for your family.

Remove stains naturally

If you have plans to use the copper cookware to perform some cooking activities, then you can use the below mentioned solutions. They can efficiently and naturally eliminate those ugly stains. You can make use of the products that are easily available in your household, including commercial products available at the local store.

  • The first remedy to be used is lemon juice and salt scrub. Coarse salt or table salt is to be combined with lemon juice and a paste made. The surface is to be applied with the help of a sponge or rag and scrub. The paste is to be rinsed off and dried.
  • The next product to be used is Catsup. It is to be applied and set for about 10 minutes. Then take a sponge or rag and scrub, after which rinse and dry.
  • The commercial cleaner which helps to polish and clean different types of metals including copper is Brasso. You need to take a clean sponge or cloth and soak it with Brasso and apply the same. Use clean soft cloth for re-polishing.

The dry pot is applied with every cleaner and then using the sponge’s scrubber side (no steel wool is to be used) to scrub it. Then using water and dish soap, the cleaner is to be washed effectively and polished using soft, clean cloth.

Homemade solutions can prove to be effective, however does require various applications as well as scrubbing. Lemon juice and salt solution can prove to be a wonderful choice, since the salt amount could be adjusted to get plenty of scrub-ability.

Moreover, commercial products like Brasso are likely to require several applications to take care of those extremely dirty or tarnished copper kitchenware. You need to follow the manufacturer directions to ensure that the cleaning process is correct and safe for the metal. Only then can it last for a long time and shine like new.

You can find more copper chef pan reviews from sites like Amazon. You can also make the purchase without having to spend a fortune.

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