Creative Ways of Copper Chef Pan

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Copper chef reviews offered by users across the globe have clearly shown that using copper cookware can help to save precious time and money. There are available some unique and creative tips with which cooking on copper kitchenware can become a real delight and money can be saved in the process, without actually having to compromise on food quality or taste.

Some unique tips to follow:

  • For cake testers r for holding items like cabbage rolls, veal envelopes or rollatini, bamboo skewers is better to be used. They can make cooking easy in the copper cookware skillet.
  • Citrus zester, tablespoon size: It is non-essential, but a nice addition. Some can have a blade to get that perfect peel and to derive the right martini twist proportions.
  • Some cooks may use mandolin for the purpose of grating. Hardware wood rasp can be used instead. It can offer long, nice, thin shreds, without much effort. You can grate hard cheese with it. Use microplaner grater which can work on nutmeg also. For soft cheese, you can use wide ribbon graters or to peel citrus zest.
  • If you want to undertake big shredding jobs such as large batches of sauerkraut crocks or coleslaw, then big delivery box combined with aluminum foil is to be used. The box grater is to be placed at one end, while the entire apparatus is to be hooked to the chair’s back using a big hook. You are to stand right behind the chair and allow the grated food to slide into the big bowl kept at the chair base. Using a kitchen aid brand having slight curve can be found to be stable and easier to be used.
  • Flish slicer and fluted meat. This can be used for thin, soft cooked sliced meat such as raw fish/meat or cured salmon for carpaccio. This can be cooked in the copper cookware. When washing, you need to be careful. Hold a flat knife against the nearest sink wall and use a brush with handle to scrub and air dry.
  • Some extra protection can be offered to the pan. It should never be empty when heated. For this purpose, you may use some butter, canola or olive oil. You may also add liquid like water as an alternative.
  • Very few people are aware on how Udo’s or flaxseed oil is to be used for cooking purpose. Once it is added to copper cookware while cooking, the oil is likely to turn into harmful trans fat. This is because of high temperatures on the pan. Hence, you are to add some water and cook or use virgin olive oil considered to be bit temperature resistant. Then flax or Udo’s oil can be added later on to get that delectable, significant, nutty taste.
  • At times, the copper cookware could probably be coated with lacquer, which needs to be dissolved before usage. You can add baking soda of about a cup to around 2 gallons of scalding, hot water and have the copper cookware submerged. The coating is likely to peel off and then you can wash it with water and soap and dry it.
  • While frying eggs, some aluminum foil can be can be placed as lining within the copper cookware pan. After cooking, the eggs can be flipped and foiled onto a wide plate. This can help cook an amazing pancake shaped omelette that is sure to be enjoyed by every member of the family. The frying pan is sure to be found clean!

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